Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Katoomba: autumn 08

trigonometry evidence

... autumn leaves are falling, nights are getting dim
the painter cleans his pots out well and hands his brushes in

kefir dregs: the tree of life

a shadow of a doubt

Friday, April 04, 2008

Kimiko Nezu and 19 others punished

Twenty public school teachers were punished for disobeying an order to stand and face the flag during the singing of the national anthem in graduation ceremonies in March, the Tokyo board of education said Monday.

The punishments ranged from a 10 percent salary cut for between one and six months to six-month suspensions from work and nonrenewal of contracts for temporary or part-time workers.

The board decided on the penalties during a meeting Friday.

The board has been punishing teachers since ordering public school principals in October 2003 to instruct teachers and students to stand and sing "Kimigayo" at graduation and entrance ceremonies.

About 400 teachers have been punished so far.

There was speculation this year that Kimiko Nezu, a home economics teacher at Minamiosawa Gakuen School for Children With Special Needs, might be dismissed for having defied the order since October 2003.

Instead, she was suspended Monday for six months.

"Pushing just one view (onto people) must not happen in a democratic society," Nezu said.

Forcing children to sing the anthem without telling them about its history or the history of the Hinomaru flag is not education, she added.

Nezu had been punished several times over the years for remaining seated during the anthem. The penalty has become more severe each time.

"I assumed I would be dismissed this year," said Nezu, who was punished not only for disobeying the order but also for wearing a sweater at her school emblazoned with the phrase "Objection Hinomaru, Kimigayo."

She speculated that the significant public support she has received stopped the board from dismissing her this year.

Nezu, other defiant teachers and their supporters have actively protested the order over the past two months.

"I felt that when many people take some action together, things can be changed," Nezu said during a news conference.

"It's been proved today that no matter how many times you remain seated, you won't be fired," she said.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Patrick Dispute 10 Year Anniversary

Dan Wollmering, a sculptor who entered a piece in the Contemporary Sculpture Competition at Docklands, won first prize with a piece called Waterfront. It is a work that is based on the events of the 1998 Patrick Dispute.

Next week will be the 10 year anniversary of the MUA/Patrick Dispute. However the MUA is holding a Public Event on Thursday 3 April at Docklands to unveil the piece.

The great dock's dispute inspires artists, actors, songwriters & sporting heros

The MUA would be grateful if Unions and supporters could attend this function to remember the assistance given by the Trade Unions that led to the success of the dispute (the MUA was not destroyed which was the key aim of the Howard government at the time). It is a time to remember what became an iconic dispute, that gained recognition all over the world as one of the few times when big business and the government conspired to bust a union and did not succeed.

WHEN: 3pm Thursday 3 April
WHERE: Shed 14 Harbour Esplanade Docklands (Opposite Channel 7 Sign)

More information:
Maritime Union of Australia
Victorian Branch
Ph: 03 - 9329 5477 Fax: 03 - 9328 1682