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Climate Change and Religion in Australia

26 August, 2013

Religious leaders representing the Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Catholic faith traditions have entered the election campaign debate by calling on both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to wind back coal exports and recognise the moral implications of inaction on climate change.

The leadership have written an open letter to the Australian people and released a video calling on both leaders to “step up to the plate”.

“This is a spiritual issue, it’s a moral issue and it’s an ethical issue,” said Rev Brian Brown, Moderator Uniting Church Synod. “With our current Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, the fact that they're devout Christians, gives us ground to speak with them and challenge them on this as a Christian issue. That’s also why our recent Uniting Church Synod passed a resolution to withdraw our investments in companies that mine fossil fuel.”

“Carbon pricing must be given bipartisan support,” said Sr Annette Cunliffe rsc, President Catholic Religious Orders Australia. “In this current election campaign, churches have a right and a duty to speak up about these kinds of moral issues.”

“Inaction on climate change will doom the planet,” said Rev Elenie Poulos Uniting “the science is in and it’s very clear, our moral responsibility is to act to end the devastating effects of climate change. If we fail to act that’s a failure of moral leadership.”

“If I could say just one thing to Mr Abbott and Mr Rudd it would be this; please step up to the plate and
don’t make this just a political issue, because it no longer is,” said Rabbi Kamins. “I hope politicians can find that place of deep humanity within their faith – or whatever moral system they have – to understand they represent not just an electorate for the next two to four years, but for the whole of humanity.”

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – The Great Synagogue

Keysar Trad – on behalf of Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, Grand Mufti of Australia

Sr Annette Cunliffe rsc – President, Catholic Religious Australia

Julie Macken – Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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John Dengate: 1 Oct 1938 - 1 Aug 2013

Australian folk singer and songwriter.

His songs, mostly but not exclusively humorous and satirical have been recorded by many performers including Chris Kempster, Declan Affley, John Warner and Margaret Walters. He appeared on a number of recorded collections including "Trains of Treasure", "Union is Strength", "With These Arms: Songs and Poems of the MUA" and "The Songs of Chris Kempster".

He made numerous appearances at folk concerts and festivals including the National Folk Festival.

His books My Shout and My Shout Again sold out and have become collector’s items. His early songs, which were included on recordings with the Bush Music Club and Rebel Chorus, and The Follies of Pollies; Songs About the Australian Way of Strife (1996) have long sold out, but in 2002 a two volume CD John Dengate: "Australian Son" (Shoestring Records) was launched at the National Folk Festival and is still available.

John has been interviewed & many of his songs recorded for the National Library Oral History Collection.

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Katoomba: Cultural Centre and Library

Katoomba from the roof
the roof
a library porthole
a library pod

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NSW: Hiroshima Day 2013 : March Forth on Aug 4th

12 pm Sunday 4 August 2013