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Wollongong: Woody Guthrie Tribute Concert

The Illawarra Folk Club is devoting the whole of  its concert on Saturday 21st July at the City Diggers to celebrating the life and music of Woody Guthrie.

'This Land Is Your Land', 'John Henry', 'Pretty Boy Floyd', 'Hard Travellin', 'So Long It's Been Good To Know You', 'Worried Man Blues' and 'Better World a Comin'. Songs we all know from somewhere in our past- sort of like a folk song. They all came of course from one of the 20th Century's greatest singers and songwriters- the legendary Woody Guthrie.

Woody Guthrie's influence on later folk writers and performers was immense and songs, who's roots can be traced back to Woody's unique style, will feature in the latter part of the concert. Woody's tradition lives on.

Woody's son Arlo Guthrie summed up Woody's work when he wrote: "Woody wrote what he felt. He didn't always think that he had to be right. The Idea was that if everybody stood up and said what they thought, the best effort of everybody's contribution would work itself out into a better country for everybody."

Peter Hicks who's reputation in the Music Scene is growing in stature is a political singer/songwriter from Tasmania. With a number of Cds to his name Peter is a musician in demand at Folk Festivals throughout Australia and the World. His material is biting yet in the tradition of Woody Guthrie it is material that people relate to. He has performed the Woody Guthrie tribute at most of the Major Australian Festivals. Peter will be bringing a band with him.

As well noted local performer Maurie Mulheron whos Banjo kills fascists just as Woody's guitar did will add many songs from his vast repertoire. Maurie once had a session with Pete Seeger where they sang some of Woody's songs.

Noted folklorist Mark Gregory will be on hand to tell us a little about Woody's life and music and local legend, singer/songwriter Claire Roberts will be adding a feminine voice to the presentation. Also adding to the variety will be auto harpist Denis McKay and local musician and Woody Fan, Ann Lehmann. will also be a number of local singers adding their voices to the tribute

Cost of the concert is $15  ($10 members) and the action kicks off about 7.30 pm. Refreshments are available As always the facilities of the club (restaurant, coffee shop, bar services etc) will be available

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