Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sydney 13 August: Tanaka film screening

Tanaka-San Will Not Do Callisthenics is Maree Delofski’s latest film and was completed in 2008. Filmed entirely in Japan, this documentary explores the ingenuity and determination of Tetsuro Tanaka who was dismissed from his job a quarter of century ago in a time when most Japanese workers believed they had a job for life. In a world that places a premium on conformity, Tanaka-san has found a way of staying true to himself, demanding an apology and re-instatement every day for twenty five years on a picket outside the company gate.

Maree has written, directed and shot the quirky and highly engaging Tanaka-san Will Not Do Callisthenics.

Maree Delofski and her partner Mark Gregory will introduce the film and answer questions after the screening.

The film runs for 75 minutes.
5.30-7.45pm Teachers Federation Auditorium,
Reservoir St, Surry Hills

Join us from 5.30pm for drinks and nibbles.
The presentation will start at 6pm and conclude at 7.45pm.

RSVP to the library by Monday August 9
Telephone (02) 9217 2113 Fax (02) 9217 2481

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Gorges and Ranges


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Kata Tjuta

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