Sunday, March 18, 2012

Im/Material Traces ...

... from within Ireland's culture of containment

An exhibition by Kellie Greene featuring her photographs

The Female Orphan School Gallery - West Wing, Building EZ, Parramatta Campus,
University of Western Sydney - closes 8 June 2012

All prices for works on application, contact Monica McMahon UWS Art Curator 612 4620 3450

Walk Before Me, Mother and Baby Home,  Clifden, Galway 2011 - view of gallery wall
Bakery, St Annes Sean Ross Abbey, Roscrea, Tipperary 2011
Bernadette, Sunday's Well, Magdalene, Cork 2011
The Good Shepherd, Broken Image, Sunday's Well, Magdalene, Cork 2011
Cot and Case, Mother and Baby Home, Clifden, Galway [cu] 2011
Artane Desks, St Joseph's Industrial School, Artane, Dublin 2011 [left] 
Obtain Mercy, Mother and Baby Home, Clifden, Galway [right] - view of gallery wall 
Bell Tower, Convent of Mercy, Ballinasloe, Galway [cu] Cork 2011
Woodwork Classroom, Abandoned Christian Brother's School 2011
Obtain Mercy, Mother and Baby Home, Clifden, Galway 2011
Im/material Traces is a photographic exhibition that captures the im/material traces of lives once lived in Ireland’s vast network of state funded and religious run institutions.

Images of this ‘architecture of containment’ include former Magdalen Laundries, Mother and Baby homes, Industrial and Reformatory schools which are disappearing quietly, yet rapidly from the Irish landscape.

Kellie Greene, currently a UWS PhD student and a former resident of St Anne’s girl’s home in Kilmacud, Co.Dublin, seeks to create a visual archive of what remains. The vestiges of buildings which once seemed indomitable and the im/material traces still held within their broken walls have enabled the gathering of a different kind of evidence which in turn allows the silenced voice to speak from a register of its own.

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