Monday, September 10, 2012

Exploring the Harbour - Kelly's Bush

from the back of the ferry
entrance sign
Battlers for Kelly's Bush - Local housewives committee with Jack Mundey
Miriam Hamilton, Chris Dawson, Betty James, Jo Bell, Judy Taplin, Jack Mundey, Kath Lehany, Monica Sheehan, Joan Croll
glimpse the harbour
light through the leaves
looking across to Cockatoo Island
Hunters Hill
waiting for the bus - leaf and twig
During the leadership of Jack Mundey, Bob Pringle and Joe Owens, the BLF was involved in 43 Green Bans. Many were resolved by negotiations during the period from 1971-75.

Examples of Green Bans

KELLY'S BUSH at Hunters Hill remains the only open space and bush land on the Parramatta River. Middle-class women residents of the area sat down in front of the bulldozers. At their request a Green Ban was imposed. Wran Government legislation of the 1980s ensures the bush land will remain forever.

THE ROCKS, the birth place of European Australia, was threatened by high-rise development. The Residents' Action Group led by a wonderful, earthy barmaid, Nita McCrea, staged a great fight with support from the BLF and other unions and saved the historic Rocks for future generations to enjoy. Public housing in the area was saved.

WOOLLOOMOOLOO. The Askin Government wanted to destroy Housing Commission homes in the area and extend the high rise Commercial Business District to the whole area. The Green Ban saved the workers' homes and Tom Uren, Minister for Urban Planning, joined forces with the unions after the Whitlam Government came to power and Woolloomooloo, Sydney's oldest suburb, was saved.

CENTENNIAL PARK. The great writer, Patrick White, and thousands of citizens rose up in anger at the proposal to destroy this huge park which is the lungs of the Eastern Suburbs. A BLF Green Ban won the battle and 33 years on, no one would suggest building on Centennial Park. It was saved forever.

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