Sunday, August 04, 2013

John Dengate: 1 Oct 1938 - 1 Aug 2013

Australian folk singer and songwriter.

His songs, mostly but not exclusively humorous and satirical have been recorded by many performers including Chris Kempster, Declan Affley, John Warner and Margaret Walters. He appeared on a number of recorded collections including "Trains of Treasure", "Union is Strength", "With These Arms: Songs and Poems of the MUA" and "The Songs of Chris Kempster".

He made numerous appearances at folk concerts and festivals including the National Folk Festival.

His books My Shout and My Shout Again sold out and have become collector’s items. His early songs, which were included on recordings with the Bush Music Club and Rebel Chorus, and The Follies of Pollies; Songs About the Australian Way of Strife (1996) have long sold out, but in 2002 a two volume CD John Dengate: "Australian Son" (Shoestring Records) was launched at the National Folk Festival and is still available.

John has been interviewed & many of his songs recorded for the National Library Oral History Collection.

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