Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sydney Festival - Tabac Rouge

Tabac Rouge - Sydney Festival

'One of the world’s greatest circus performers, James Thierrée has lured Sydney audiences inside his surreal imagination three times before, in The Junebug Symphony, Bright Abyss and Au Revoir Parapluie – but nothing will quite prepare you for the sublime pandemonium that awaits you in Tabac Rouge. 

Tabac Rouge, Thierrée’s latest creation, is an opium hallucination on a breathtaking scale. Thierrée plays a once glorious ruler held captive in a hall of mirrors, haunted by visions of his own downfall and surrounded by the exhilarating frenzied movements and contortions of his subjects.

A vibrant carnival of circus, dance and theatre that builds to an unforgettable climax, Tabac Rouge is an assault of stunning imagery, ideas and atmospherics. It evokes everything from Alice in Wonderland and King Lear to Hieronymus Bosch – but we promise you’ve seen nothing like it.'

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