Sunday, November 20, 2016

HV (Doc) Evatt, 1935 by Arnold Shore

HV (Doc) Evatt1935 by Arnold Shore
Author of The Tolpuddle Martyrs: Injustice Within the Law and Article 56 of the UN Charter
Evatt is the only Australian to have held the position of President of the UN General Assembly

In 1950 Menzies introduced the Communist Party Dissolution Bill which gave power to the government to publicly declare any citizen a Communist and to bar him or her from holding office in a range of public organizations, including trade unions. Evatt successfully contested this Act in the High Court where it was declared unconstitutional.

When Chifley died in June 1951, Evatt was elected the new leader of the Labor Party and held this position throughout a tumultuous period of Australian political history. Evatt successfully campaigned for the "No" vote in the Referendum of September 1951 in which the Menzies Government sought to ban the Communist Party of Australia.

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