Monday, April 17, 2017

Cook & Omai: The Cult of the South Seas

Thomas Gosse (1765–1844) Transplanting of the Bread-fruit-trees from Otaheite London: 
Thomas Gosse, 1 September 1796 hand-coloured mezzotint; sheet 52.4 x 60.6 cm 
This publication complements the exhibition Cook & Omai: The Cult of the South Seas, developed in association with the Humanities Research Centre at The Australian National University. The exhibition draws strongly on the collections of the National Library of Australia and, together with these informative and intriguing essays, reveals something of Omai’s impact on the European imagination. The Library has been able to collaborate with some of Australia’s leading historians in taking a fresh look at both the Library’s collections and the events leading up to the European settlement of Australia.

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