Sunday, July 09, 2017

Film director Ken Loach has called for Labour MPs to Get Behind Jeremy Corbyn

Film director Ken Loach has called for Labour MPs who do not support Jeremy Corbyn to be ousted by members. 

The man behind ‘I, Daniel Blake’ and ‘Kez’ used a speech at Durham Miners’ Gala to attack the legacies of Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher before calling for Labour MPs who “will not work against” Corbyn.

“The long dark night that began with Thatcher in ’79 may be coming to an end, let’s hope,” Loach told a crowd of around 200,000 at the event.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (centre) and film director Ken Loach (right)
watch the parade during the Durham Miners’ Gala in Durham

Loach continued “And with it, the memory that followed: Blair and his privatisation and his illegal wars - that is coming to an end.”

Loach said MPs should face mandatory reselection processes as he mapped out how Labour could recover from losing the General Election.  

“The closer we get to power, the more vicious the attacks will get and the stronger we will need to be,” he said. 

“We have got to stay strong and for that we need a united movement. Now I’m going to be contentious on this day of unity: we need representatives in Parliament that are committed to this programme and will not work against it.

“We need an injection of democracy because most people in trade unions have to be elected and nothing is more perfectly democratic than, when members have served their time in Parliament, they have to be affirmed or reconfirmed by their members. 

“Because we cannot have the disgusting attacks that went on against Jeremy in the last Parliament.

“Let’s have an extension of democracy throughout the whole party.”

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